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An Amazing Day of Berry Picking

Pick Your Own Berries Around Billings

Picking fruit and vegetables is one of the the most wholesome and beloved activities for the whole family.  At farms across the entire U.S., farmers have started Pick-Your-Own facilities, essentially opening up their farms and orchards to the public to can come in and hand-pick their own produce. Taking your family to pick berries is something you can do year-round, with access to different fruit depending on the season. Not only does berry picking give you access to the freshest fruit available, it is also a great and affordable bonding activity, and it also incorporates exercise to help everyone stay healthy. If you live in or are planning to visit the Billings, MT – there are lots of Pick-Your-Own facilities nearby for that you can take advantage of.  Check out the list below to find out more.

Sartorie Farms Fresh Produce – Billings, MT

The only Pick-Your-Own facility actually located in Billings, Sartorie Farms is best known for its autumnal activities – including hayrides, corn mazes, and paintball games. Get in touch with the farms to arrange for a private group, and you can come pick your own pumpkins for just $6.00. You can’t harvest anything other than pumpkins at Sartorie Farms, but it is the premier pumpkin patch destination in Billings. They boast pumpkins of all sizes and the biggest selection in the entire area. Come visit early in the fall before it gets too cold; the farm is located at 1916 Hawthorne Ln, in the northeast portion of Billings.

Bluewater Orchard – Fromberg, MT

Bluewater Orchard is the place to go near Billings for apple-picking. Bluewater is located in Fromberg, MT, just a 35 minute drive from downtown Billings. Bluewater Orchard is a historic orchard that was long neglected. In 2004, it was bought by a new owner who brought it back to life, and its first crop for picking appeared in 2006. Bluewater Orchard is totally organic, and they have not used pesticide on their trees in more than four years. Come down to Bluewater Orchard to pick a huge variety of apples; types grown there include Duchess of Oldenburg, Jonathan, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Wolf River, and Yellow Transparent. Prices vary depending on plentiful the season is.

 Straw Igloo Garden – Powell, WY

Across the Montana state border in Powell Wyoming is Straw Igloo Garden, a farm that grows a huge variety of garden produce and flowers. Straw Igloo Carden is approximately 90 miles from downtown Billings. You have to make prior arrangemetns with the owners of Straw Igloo to come pick, but once you do, you’ll have access to their produce, including a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, corn, pumpkins, and herbs. Straw Igloo also grows Christmas trees, so you can come visit before the holidays.

Rocky Creek Farms – Bozeman, MT

Rocky Creek Farms is located in Bozeman, MT about 120 miles from Billings. Rocky Creek is a 50-acre Pick-Your-Own farm, where visitors can come in and pick raspberries, apples, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, herbs and more. In addition to picking produce during a visit to Rocky Creek Farms, families can also pick a Christmas tree, or they can take a hayride around the beautiful fruit and vegetable farm. Rocky Creek is also known for its apple cider and its Cider Rama celebration each October. Prices at Rocky Creek Farms vary depending on what produce you pick and whether you get it processed onsite.

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Mollerus

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