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Horseback Riding in Billings Montana

Looking for something fun to do today?

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Are you an avid equestrian, an animal-lover, or an enthusiast of the wild, wild West? If so, there’s definitely something fun for you to do in Billings, MT – horseback riding! In keeping with the tradition of the old west and in celebration of the beautiful Montana outdoors, Billings is home to lots of places to ride horses – from parks with trails to stables with jumping facilities. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just someone who loves animals and wants to learn, there’s somewhere for you to ride horses in Billings. Check out the list of great places for riding below, and get to ridin’!

Western Romance Company

 Love the spirit of the Old Frontier? If so, call up Western Romance Company and they’ll provide you with an authentic horseback riding experience. Western Romance Company can provide wagon rides, shows, and real Western meals. But the best thing they do is lead riders on horseback through three different trails around Billings – Pryor Creek, Custer Battlefield, and Far and Away. You don’t need to have a horse or even know how to ride one to go on a Western Romance Company horseback tour. Your outfitter, wrangler or guide will give you a lesson on all the basics you need to know before you set out. If you want to feel like a real cowboy, check out Western Romance Company – they know how to do Montana like the Wild, Wild West.

Weigel Stables

 Weigel Stables just 10 miles outside of Billings is the premiere spot for the serious rider. Weigel is run by Edee Weigel – a horse expert who trained with 2008 Olympic coach George Morris. Weigel Stables offers training for people of all ages and skill levels who want to ride horses, but the focus is for people who are interested in competing in horse shows. At Weigel Stables, you can learn how to care for your horse, manage a barn, shoe and groom a horse, and dress as a rider, in addition to learning to ride and jump. Check out Weigel Stables if you’re a serious rider looking to hone your skills or a new rider looking to become serious; there’s no other place like it in the area.

Bitter Creek Outfitters

For an authentic cattle ranch experience in Billings, check out Bitter Creek Outfitters, where visitors can experience scenic trail-riding excursions through the beautiful Yellowstone Valley. Bitter Creek Outfitters offers guided tours on hourseback, where you’ll trek through the rimrocks, fine forest, and wildflower fields. Bitter Creek has great teachers, so you don’t need experience, and they have a great bunch of horses to choose from, so you don’t need your own one of those, either. You can just spend the day exploring Montana with Bitter Creek Outfitters, or you can choose one of their overnight options, where you sleep in a cozy Amish-built cabin located along the trails. There’s no better way to see the stunning Montana outdoors than to take a leisurely ride through it — so call up Bitter Creek Outfitters and make a reservation today.

Beartooth Boarding and Riding

Beartooth Boarding and Riding is a destination for horse owners in the Billings area. If you own a horse but not a barn or land, Beartooth Ranch is a great spot for you to board your horse. But rather than just a boarding facility where your horse can live, Beartooth boasts a gorgeous ranch with 20,000 acres of hills, meadows and valleys that you can explore when you come to visit your horse. Beartooth is a private club, so only members and people who board their horses can ride through the ranch – no worry of running into beginners. Beartooth has picnic tables, hitching posts, and bathroom facilities along the trail, so you can bring the family and a picnic for a whole day of fun at the ranch.

Photo Courtesy of Trey Ratcliff

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