Outdoor Montana Adventures

Visitors to Montana are always in awe of the wide open spaces surrounded by pristine wilderness and wildlife. Montana is known worldwide for outdoor adventure getaways and vacations. With a wide variety of terrains to hike, ride, and fly over, along with rivers, lakes, and streams to explore, here are just a few of the outdoor adventures that Montana has to offer.

Hyalite Canyon Wilderness Activities

At 34,000 acres, Hyalite Canyon, part of the Gallatin National Forest, is a huge outdoor adventure playground located near Bozeman, Montana. The area is surrounded by 10,000 foot mountain peaks, waterfalls,streams, creeks, a reservoir, and plenty of places set aside for camping. With a wide range of activities including hiking, bicycling, camping, scuba diving, fishing, and ice climbing. The Hyalite Canyon area attracts visitors from all over the world year round.

Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks Air and Land Adventures

Glacier National park is home to 3 lakes; St. Mary’s Lake, Lake McDonald, and Glacier Lake, all feature scenic hiking trails, fishing, dramatic views, picnicking,bird and wildlife watching. Enjoy a breathtaking hot-air balloon ride over the park with the entire family. There are guided tours available and first-class lodges and hotels in the area. Yellowstone National Park, located near Billings, offers visitors a wide variety of activities such as exploring Old Faithful Geyser and Mammoth Hot Springs, fishing,day trekking. Watch wildlife such as herds of Bison and Elk. Check out Canyon Country in the middle eastern part of the park. There you can rock climb, enjoy the two waterfalls, bicycle, hike and enjoy the hot springs.

Northern Montana Mountain Skiing

Whitefish Mountain is a premier snow skiing destination with several lodges and resorts. This rugged mountain area is also home to summer fun and a laid back vibe that keeps visitors coming back year after year. For extra adventure rent a helicopter and see the sights from a birds eye view. Snowmobile and horseback riding make this area a true year ’round Montana adventure!

Montana’s High Plains

The state’s High Plains area consist of 3 unique locations in the northeast and southeast part of the state. The Missouri River Breaks National Monument is a historic river area popular for rafting and canoe adventures. Bighorn sheep, herds of elk, and the unchanged scenery as it was when Lewis and Clark travelled down this section of the Missouri River are here to explore. Paddling tours, guides and rentals are available.The C.M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge is renowned for it’s scenic beauty and animals by wildlife and birdwatching enthusiasts.
The Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is perfect for camping and is rich in history and wildlife. Visitors flock here each year to experience the scenic retreat and camping area.

Montana Indian Nation Areas to Explore

From Blackfoot to Sioux, many Native American tribes call Montana home. 7 major reservations are located across the state and bring visitors from around the globe every year. With the Northern Cheyenne and Crow territory are situated on the southeastern part of the state, in the northwest the Blackfoot and Flathead nations call home. Miles of scenic terrain to hike, camp, fish, and explore are waiting for you on and around each of these reservations. Fun and educational tours are available and Native American themed casinos and shops are nearby.

Photo Courtesy of Trey Ratcliff

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